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hipstergifts.com is no longer actively maintained. Many links still work, but over time, fewer and fewer will. If you're interested in buying the domain name and, optionally, the data and scripts used to generate the site, see the contact page.

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hipstergifts.com was founded in 2006 to provide access to the cooler stuff from on-line vendors who have an affiliate program. Before contacting us about selling your stuff, please re-read the italicized part of the preceding sentence, especially if you've glued googly eyes to something and think we have some warehouse where we're going to store them, then sell them, ship them, and give you money. That's just not going to happen. There is no warehouse. There is no inventory. We only sell items from on-line vendors with an affiliate program.

trekkiegifts.com is the sister site of hipstergifts.com, and very different.