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Cool Elvis stuff. Not Costello or Stojko, but the king of rock and roll. Thangyouverymush.

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"Mini-mega" sounds a bit contradictory to us (and what's the deal with jumbo shrimp?) but this is a nice reproduction of a very important historical document. Reproductions of tickets from other Elvis shows also available. details

It's black and white, but his eyes are blue. And it's kind of creepy, which is why we like it. Approximately 50" x 60" and machine washable. details

This 23.5 by 31.5 inch "limited edition black and white photo print" is not your typical Elvis picture. We're guessing that it's from Fun in Acapulco, a movie that got made without Elvis ever going near Acapulco. details

We're sure that this is all properly licensed with EPE, but it has the weird edge of Elvis folk art. Check out the intense stare of the Elvis on the right. At four feet by five feet, this could really work as a tapestry. details

If a tree fell at Graceland... they would cut it up and sell little pieces of it. And now you can own one! Framed, with a certificate of authenticity and photo of said fallen tree. details

Awww! How cute is that! Suitable for posing as other classic rockers of Elvis's time as well. details

These glasses and attached fake sideburns will make you look like... a despondent Dan Ackroyd? Don't let the card they're mounted on fool you. It's definitely an Elvis thing. details

About the scariest single Elvis item we've seen. The costume face actually goes over your chest, and your head goes in the giant hair thing, which we assume has eye holes. details

It's really called the "Timeless Elvis heat sensitive mug," but you can see him get about about fifteen years older as as your drink cools off. details

The vendor doesn't say how tall this is, but all of their other "cardboard stand-up" Elvis products are described as "life sized," and Elvis was six feet tall, so with the surfboard and fake water, this would be very tall. Check out that bathing suit! details

Like paper dolls, but with magnets! You could make some strange combinations, like Kid Galahad boxing gloves with the '68 Comeback Special black outfit. details

This cardboard standup of Elvis in his gold suit has a motion-activated speaker that plays Elvis saying "Hi, this is Elvis Presley," "Well thanks for letting me talk to you," and of course, "Thank you very much." details

The vendor says that the cape "features a bird" but any real Elvis fan will recognize this from the 1973 Phoenix jumpsuit. details

A sneering king of rock and roll holds 8GB of data. details

This cardboard standup shows Elvis playing the excellent guitar he played in Spinout, in which "band singer/race driver Mike McCoy must choose between marrying a beautiful rich girl and driving her father's car in a prestigious race." If we had a cardboard standup of Jimmy Page with the same guitar, it would be shorter. details